News from the Tract Association of Friends

The next meeting of the Tract Association’s board  is tentatively scheduled for 1/12/2018 at Friends Center, Philadelphia at 10 a.m.  If you would like to attend, either in person or by Skype, please let us know by contacting the office manager or our clerk. If we know in advance, we can send minutes and documents to you in advance.

Friends Center is located at 1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia PA 19102-1406. Parking is available across 15th Street.

Our acting office manager, Tom Etheringtom, can be reached at

Our clerk, Marjorie Ewbank can be reached at or by telephone at 215-579-2752.

Traveling in Ministry: Let Your Light Shine

By Marian Baker and Priscilla Makhino

This pamphlet, originally published by Kaimosi Friends Press, is now available for mail order.  Priscilla Makhino, a Kenyan Friend, and Marian Baker, from New England Yearly Meeting, relate their experiences of, and advice for, traveling in the ministry.

Minute for Christine Greenland

It is with sadness and gratitude that the Tract Association of Friends reports the death of Christine Greenland on 4-5-2017.  Christine was born in Denver, Colorado in 1942.  She earned master’s degrees in botany and theology, and was deeply involved in environmental issues, particularly in botany.  She discovered Quakerism through Boulder Friends Meeting.  There she met Elise Boulding, whom she considered her mentor.  Over the years she attended or joined meetings in the various places where she lived, including Canada Yearly Meeting, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and was also connected to Rockingham Meeting of Ohio Yearly Meeting.  She graduated from Earlham School of Religion and traveled extensively among Friends, attending many conferences and other yearly meetings.  Most recently she was the clerk of Worship and Ministry of Abington Quarterly Meeting.  In 1996 she became active on the Board of Managers of the Tract Association of Friends, managing its operations and maintaining active correspondence by both surface mail and electronically.  She was a devout Quaker, always willing to do her share of any task that needed attention with competence and grace.  We are humbly grateful to our Lord for having provided Christine’s service to the Tract Association during a period of technological and social change.  Others created the Tract Association of Friends almost 200 years ago and kept it vital through challenging times.  Without her faithfulness, we could have become simply an echo of the past, fading into the end of our time, or lost contact with Thee—our sustaining Source.  We mourn the death of our beloved Friend, Christine Greenland, and celebrate her gifts to us, not the least of which is a vibrant Tract Association of Friends.

Our Bicentennial Year
2016 was our two hundredth year of continual publication.

The Tract Association of Friends was founded in Philadelphia in 1816 to provide literature reflecting principles of the Religious Society of Friends: the mode and manner of worship, and the testimony of faith espoused by George Fox and William Penn, among others. We completed a major publication which is now available: Brian Drayton and William P. Taber’s A Language for the Inward Landscape: spiritual wisdom from the Quaker tradition.

This publication was made possible in part through grants from the Obadiah Brown fund and the Mosher Book and Tract fund in New England. If you are interested in ordering this volume, do contact us. The cost is $20 US, plus shipping and handling of  20% of the order as placed. For international orders and bookstores, this publication is also available through Ingram, Baker and Taylor and Amazon.

A new tract Living in the Spirit — What One Quaker Has Learned by Roger Dreisbach- Williams is now available, as is another pamphlet on traveling in the ministry by Marian Baker and Phyllis Makhino, and  reprinted tracts.

From our Reports

Since 1816, the Tract Association has continued to provide small leaflets, booklets and books to Friends and those of like mind free or at cost. Board members represent several Yearly Meetings and share a concern that Friends’ principles be presented for the education of Friends and other denominations. Today, this ideal continues for tracts and children’s tracts; we try to keep longer publications at cost.

The Tract Association of Friends emphasizes the inward and personal experience of the Spirit of the Living Christ, our Inward Teacher. Tracts and books presented are chosen to reflect these experiences through writings of the past and present.

Occasionally, the Tract Association has published tracts in other languages, and has also provided textbooks and other materials reflecting Friends’ witness. We hope to provide links to Spanish translations of our publications.



Membership is one way that Friends and those of like mind may assist with our work. Those who make donations equivalent to membership contributions are acknowledged in our member/donor list, as are Meetings or congregations that make similar donations. We are grateful to Friends who made additional donations, since this allows our work to continue. Membership includes newer tracts as these may become available; at present, membership is still $5/year.

If Friends plan to be in the Philadelphia area, we invite you to visit us. Other ways Friends might contribute involve writing, editing and assisting with publication preparation.

If you are interested in assisting our work in these ways, send us a note or e-mail, so that we can send the schedule, location and time of our next meeting, as well as minutes from our most recent meeting.


The Tract Association of Friends office is located on the balcony of Friends Center, and consists of a desk in the Philadelphia YM library.

Come visit us! Let us know so that we can meet you at Friends Center. Our hours are by appointment.

Tract Assocation of Friends
1501 Cherry Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102-1403

Telephone: 215-579-2752 or 215-534-5928
web page:

The Tract Association of Friends continues to produce new publications and reprint popular tracts. We produce an annual Friends’ Calendar, and a 14-month Friends pocket calendar. Most of our printing is currently done at the Gordonville Print Shop, Gordonville PA.

We offer 34 tracts, 4 children’s tracts, and 12 pamphlets and books. Recent tract reprints include
— Hugh Barbour’s Five Tests for Discerning a True Leading (2011: 400).
— Thomas Kelly The Gathered Meeting (2011: 5000)

In 2013, we reprinted
— Ruth M. Pitman On the Vocal Ministry (2013: 500)
— Maurice A. Creasey Christ in Early Quakerism (2013:500)

We also produced
— Brian Drayton’s On Solid Sitting (2013: 500) with permission from Friends’ Journal

The Friends’ Calendars for 2017 are now available.  There are three ways of ordering:
1) Send a copy of the order form.
2) Contact us by e-mail; we will fill the order and send an invoice.
3) Contact us by telephone.